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Nanotechnology and Rice University

Rice’s research reputation comes from solving the hardest problems in science.  Others can work on the easy ones, the applied problems.  Focus on the grand challenges, the holy grails in nanotechnology.  Don’t be distracted by the other things!” - Professor Richard E. Smalley  

The Smalley Institute at Rice University has an intellectually diverse membership of faculty/staff members and graduate students researching nanotechnology in a variety of sociological and scientific arenas including energy, education, aerospace, ethics, and human health. 

The Top Ten Problems Facing Humanity over the next 50 years as energy, water, food, environment, poverty, terrorism & war, disease, education, democracy, and population.  The Smalley Institute focuses on 5 Grand Challenges: energy, water, environment, disease, and education.  Rice University researchers endeavor to impact each Grand Challenge through the application of nanotechnology which we categorize into eleven Nanotechnology Disciplines:  

Grad Student Wei Gao (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University)   Analytical Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology in Biology, Health, and Medicine
Nanotechnology enhanced Devices 
Nanotechnology Education 
Nanotechnology in Energy 
Environmental Nanotechnology 
Sociological Nanotechnology