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J. Evans Attwell/Welch Fellowship Leads the Way in 1998

Rice University and the Robert A. Welch Foundation established this post-doctoral research fellowship in June 1998 in honor of J. Evans Attwell, to recognize Mr. Attwell's long-running and outstanding leadership with both Rice and the Welch Foundation. First awarded in 2002, the Evans Attwell fellowship has become known as one of the most prized appointments in the field of nanoscale research and technology for up-and-coming scientists and engineers. Evans Attwell fellows routinely become candidates for tenure-track faculty appointments at universities across the globe, having worked with the leading nano-faculty at Rice.

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Carl and Lillian Illig Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Nanotechnology

The Carl and Lillian Illig Fellowship was established earlier - in 1997 - than the Attwell and Nicholas funds, but since the fellowship was not fully funded until late in 2012, the initial appointment will begin at the beginning of 2013. The Illig Fellowship will follow the same successful formula as the other Smalley Institute post-doctoral awards, funding top researchers and shaping nanotechnology leaders.

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