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On Monday, January 13, 2014, in the historic Smalley-Curl Room in the Space Science Building on Rice Campus, representatives of the Tesla Memory Project hand-delivered two awards to Prof. Robert Curl.

The Tesla White Dove Award has seven categories, and Prof. Curl was named as the recipient in the Scientific category at the organization’s summit in September 2013. Prof. Curl was recognized on the basis of his body of scientific achievement, his continued research and his published efforts to highlight the vital role played by Nicola Tesla in 20th- and 21st-century science, industry and thought. This award is named for the inspirational image of a white dove that came to Tesla when he was recovering from cholera at age 17, which he credited with sparking his career of creativity. Tesla was also a lifelong advocate for peace, and the organizers of the Tesla Forum have chosen the dove as a symbol of divinity and hope.

Prof. Curl was also named a UNESCO Cross-Cultural Ambassador jointly by the Sorbonne University and MIT UNESCO clubs. This is the first such joint naming by those UNESCO branches. This award is also given in multiple categories, and it recognizes highly accomplished “individuals who have distinguished themselves in favor of multiculturalism,” in addition to human rights, peace and social justice. Prof. Curl’s ambassadorship also recognizes his role in championing Tesla’s legacy.

The Tesla Memory Project is an international organization dedicated to increasing the awareness of the life and work of Nikola Tesla, as well as the global importance of science, and to highlight UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme.

Representing the Tesla Memory Project were Aleksandar Protic and Djordje Djurdjevic. Protic is Counslor of FFC UNESCO, Director of the Tesla Memory Project and President of the Sorbonne University UNESCO Club. Djurdjevic is a member of the Tesla Memory Club and a Fullbright Scholar in Electrical Engineering at the University of Utah.