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  Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Sibani Lisa Biswal self-assembling systems in nano and microfluidic systems; colloidal fluids;
understanding and designing interactions among nanoparticles, biomolecules,
and surfaces to achieve new types of functionality; interfacing biological
molecules with inorganic substrates
Matteo Pasquali interfacial and biological flows; multiscale modeling of complex flows of fluids; carbon nanotubes in liquids; visualization of single DNA molecules in process flows
Marc Robert theoretical, experimental and computer simulation studies of the properties of matter; magnetic nanoclusters and carbon nanotubes; DNA and protein; ferroelectrics; disordered systems; magnetic nanoclusters embedded in metallic or semiconducting sol
Michael Wong nanostructured materials, heterogeneous catalysis, and bioengineering applications; chemical approaches to assembling nanoparticles into functional macrostructures; solar cells; nanoparticle assembly; heat transfer fluids in quantum dot synthesis; catalytic processes of nanoparticles; surfactants in nanoparticle synthesis

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