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Cecilia Clementi     model and characterize protein systems on a realistic time scale;
dynamics of polymer translocation through nanopores; statistical
mechanics techniques, molecular modeling and simulations to the
study of protein systems, with a particular interest in protein folding
and dynamics
Vicki Colvin confined liquids and glasses; porous solids; size-exclusion chromatography;
nanopurification of water; uniform nanocrystals; virus crystals as
nanocomposite scaffolds; synthesis of monodisperse iron oxide nanocrystals
by thermal decomposition of iron carboxylate salts; recycling size-exclusion
chromatography for the analysis and separation of nanocrystalline gold
Robert Curl infrared laser spectroscopy and dinetics of free radicals; mid-infrared
quantum cascade laser based off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy
for biogenic nitric oxide detection; monitoring of ethylene by pulsed
quantum cascade laser; formaldehyde sensor using interband cascade laser
based quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy
Paul Engel chemistry of free radical initiators and inhibitors of polymerization; single
electron transfer mechanism in the functionalization of SWCNTs; SWCNT
in biocompatible shell-crosslinked micelles

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