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  Electrical and Computer Engineering  
Naomi Halas     optically active nanostructures; nanofabrication strategies to build, orient,
and pattern nanostructures into materials and devices; characterize and
understand the physical properties of optically active nanostructures,
devices, and materials
Kevin Kelly            plasmonic near field optical microscopy tip for surface enhanced
spectroscopy; surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and microscopy;
atomic force microscopy; scanning tunneling microscopy; scanning
probe microscopy; single-pixel camera imaging; nanomachines; polymer
nanostructures; carbon nanotubes; novel imaging instruments
Junichiro Kono optical terahertz in semiconductor nanostructures and devices; high operating
temperature infrared detectors; high magnetic field phenomena in CNTs;
coherence in SWCNTs; vibrational dynamics of nanostructures;
magneto-photoluminescence spectroscopy; time-resolved far-infrared
spectroscopy; infrared photoluminescence spectroscopy; time-dependent
photoluminescence spectroscopy
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