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Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Pulickel Ajayan     nanomaterials in energy generation and storage; multifunctional
composites; nano-enabled bio-mimetic systems; nanoelectronics;
nanosensors; active nanosystems
Enrique Barrera      thermoset nanocomposites with nanotubes; metal matrix nanocomposites;
ceramic nanocomposites; nanotube shielding materials for space
applications; materials for radiation protection; ceramic nanocomposites
with nanotubes and nanofibers
Jun Lou      materials related issues and device developments for MEMS/NEMS
applications; size effects in mechanical integrity and electrical properties
of metallic nanostructures; interfacial behavior of NT/NW reinforced
nanocomposites; novel nano-fabrication methods with implications for
bio-nano interactions and sensing applications
Boris Yakobson fullerene nanocage for hydrogen storage; electron transport of nanotube-based
gas sensors; dislocation dynamics in multi-walled carbon nanotubes; real time
microscopy of fullerene evaporation

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