Smalley InstituteSmalley Institute
 Biosciences at Rice
Beckingham, Kathleen SWCNTs in the intact organism; detection and biocompatibility studies
in Drosophila
Braam, Janet                       regulation and functions of genes encoding calmodulin-related proteins
and cell wall modifying enzymes of plants; control of gene expression
in response to environmental stimuli
Gomer, Richard   toxicity of nanomaterials; magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents;
fibrosing diseases; fibrocytes; pulmonary fibrosis
Lapotko, Dmitri   Vapor nanobubbles: photothermal interactions at the micro- and nanoscales,
imaging and microscopy, heat- and mass-transfer at the nanoscale; plasmon
resonance and nanophotonics. Nanomedicine, theranostics for cancer and
cardiovascular disease, biomedical nanomaterials, gene therapy, microsurgery
and early diagnostics

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