Smalley InstituteSmalley Institute
Department of Bioengineering
  Bao, Gang  

precision genome engineering, nanotechnology and molecular imaging

 Clark, Jr., John W.  electrophysiology (neural, cardiac); mathematical modeling of biological
systems; signal processing methods applied to biological systems; nonliner
system dynamics; electromagnetic field theory
Diehl, Michael R.   physical biology; intracellular trafficking and transport; macromolecular
self-assembly; biomotor mechanics; drug delivery; macromolecular systems
bioengineering; super-resolution microscopy
Drezek, Rebekah Anna     optical spectroscopy and imaging instrumentation for tissue diagnosis; metal
nanoshells for cancer detection and therapy, drug delivery, and tissue welding;
nanoshells for optical coherence tomography; surface enhanced Raman
scattering sensing with nanoshells; quantum dots for biomedical imaging
Ghorbel, Fathi H.   nanoscale dynamic systems and control, robotics, and biomedical engineering
systems; atomic force microscopy nanomanipulation: modeling and simulation;
vision-based force sensing and multi-rate haptic controller design for nanorobotic

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