Smalley InstituteSmalley Institute
Department of Chemistry
Ball, Zachary transition-metal catalysis; new methodology reaction design
Barron, Andrew      seeded growth of SWCNTs; development of rational molecular
design approach to materials synthesis emphasizing the leap
from synthesis to application of nano-based materials;  functionalization
of fullerenes and SWCNTs; biological applications and interactions;
catalysis and materials applications; nanotube structures for energy applications
Billups, Ed                  nanoparticle fuel additives; synthesis and properties of small ring alkenes
and bicycloalkenes, fullerenes, SWCNTs, and products formed at low
temperature from the reactions of transition metal atoms and small organic
molecules; 3He NMR spectroscopy; sidewall functionalization of SWCNTs
by free radicals; reactions of carbon nanotubes in oleum and sulfuric acid
Cherukuri, Paul Nanoscale materials for electronic and biomedical applications; specializing
in carbon nanomaterials and plasmonics

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