Smalley InstituteSmalley Institute
Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Alvarez, Pedro      environmental applications and implications of biotechnology
and nanotechnology; bioremediation of contaminated aquifers,
phytoremediation, fate and transport of hazardous substances;
nanomaterial-bacterial interactions and related disinfection
Griffin, Rob  

understanding the physical and chemical phenomena that affect air
quality and its impacts on climate and human health; aerosol
thermodynamics and chemistry, air pollution transport, atmospheric
chemistry and urban air quality; topics include the formation and
dynamics of atmospheric particles, some of which are on the scale
of less than ten nm in diameter

Li, Qilin   advanced technologies for drinking water purification and waste
water reuse including membrane processes, advanced oxidation,
and desalination; fate and transport of environmental colloids and
macromolecules; environmental application and implication of

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