Smalley InstituteSmalley Institute

Research Facilities

                                                       Dell Butcher Hall 

Rice University and the Smalley Institute provide world-class facilities for faculty to research nanoscale science and technology:

  • Dell Butcher Hall’ construction was completed in 1997 with the assistance of funds raised by the Smalley Institute.  Dell Butcher Hall has 70,000 square feet with laboratory space for 6 Smalley Institute faculty members, 3 laboratories and 4 classrooms for undergraduate education, and 3,000 square feet of shared equipment space.
  • Space Science laboratories on the 3rd floor were renovated in 1999 to house Professor Smalley’s research.  Currently, the space accommodates researchers under several Smalley Institute Faculty Members, shared equipment resources, the HiPco laboratory, and the Smalley Institute offices.
  • The Class 1,000 and Class 100 Clean Rooms were completed in 2004.  The clean rooms are used by Rice faculty for research in nanoelectronics, nanosensing, and nanomaterials.
  • Faculty Laboratory Space spans the entire campus of Rice University.  Over half of the natural science and engineering faculty are members of the Smalley Institute.  

Additional Research Facilities in Houston and around Texas