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Support and Membership

The Smalley Institute offers membership, association, and partnership through a variety of avenues. 

The NanoFANS program - Friends Advancing Nano Science - is available for everyone.  The NanoFANS are Associates of the Smalley Institute and participate in Rice University’s international leadership in nanotechnology by helping fund activities and research awards at the Richard E. Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology.  All NanoFAN members receive advanced notice of seminars, scientific meetings, and Smalley Institute events.  Higher membership levels offer additional opportunities to support and network directly with our faculty and students.  

Academic Membership is reserved for students, staff, and faculty researching nanotechnology at Rice University.  Academic Members  are promoted by the Institute at international conferences and through our website, provided unique opportunities to converse with our corporate sponsors, and invited to special community and scientific events.  If you would like to become an Academic Member of the Smalley Institute please contact us at


Corporate Partners are private industry organizations that sponsor research at the Smalley Institute through the donation of funds and/or equipment.  If you would like to partner with the Smalley Institute to advance nanotechnology research or awareness please contact us at

In addition to membership opportunities, the Smalley Institute does partner with individuals to achieve specific projects.  Some of our more recent projects were ...
  • The Texas Nanotechnology Company listings was updated with time donated by Dave Johnson and John Marsh.
  • The Texas Nanotechnology Workforce Development Initiative was started with time donated by John Marsh.  The formal announcement of the Texas Nanotechnology Workforce Development Initiative is expected in Summer 2009.
  • A symposium with Northwestern University was organized by volunteer Susan Austerberg.  The symposium featured nanotechnology presentations focused on informing the community of nanotechnology in general and nanotechnology applications in materials and biology/medicine.  Mark Ratner provided the keynote lecutre and autographed his book Nanotechnology: A Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea.
  • The 10th Anniversary of the Smalley Institute and Smalley/Curl Birthday Celebration were organized by volunteers Judy Allen and Nancy Dunlap.  In the course of organizing the celebration, Judy and Nancy secured donations of monetary resources, physical assets, and venues from local individuals and corporations enthusiastic about nanotechnology.

If you would like to volunteer time or donate resources to any of our current initiatives or would like to propose a project, please contact us at