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Nanotechnology Public Awareness
 Childrens Museum

The Matter Factory exhibit came to the Children’s Museum of Houston in
 2007.  In The Matter Factory visitors can test the invisible properties of
 matter discovering the density, viscosity and elasticity of different materials.

 Houston Museum of natural science In a section devoted to nanotechnology, there is a display that includes a
presentation by Professor Smalley and a section of the World’s Longest
Nanotube Model. The Museum of Natural Science has portable
planetariums which have offered two nanotechnology programs – NanoCosm
and Elevator to Space.
 NanoFans Logo Designed to keep those individuals or corporations that are interested in
nanotechnology at the forefront of information.  All NanoFANS members
will receive a membership card, advance notice of seminars, scientific
meetings, and Smalley Institute events.